Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sam Axe Appreciation Day (Burn Notice)

All to promote the special prequel 2-hour episode Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe the back story of Sam Axe, played by Bruce Campbell at 9pm ET on USA.

Burn Notice is a great show about an ex-spy trying to get his job back while doing the right thing in Miami. The location and music is good enough to watch on it's own.

This marathon is a good chance to catch up with all the major plot lines. With all the explosions and outside scenes some may wonder what type of budget must this show have. Hawaiian shirts alone must set them back a couple of thousand.

Typically burned spy Michael Weston looks to get his job back and also helps people on cases that need  more than just your average detective. His mom, old frenemy, and on/off again girlfriend all help him. At the end he always wins and gets a step closer to his old life.

Sure it is normal drama format but it is well acted and produced. I hope it ends well because it is one of bright spots on basic cable.

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