Thursday, April 14, 2011

All My Children Cancelled

All My Children  along with One Life to Live have been cancelled by ABC.

Soaps were a great form of entertainment, a place to speak out on social issues, and a stepping stone for young actors. Unfortunately the trend for the cheap will kill off all scripted TV until all that is left is reality-fiction like Jersey Shore, American Idol, and Oprah. (yes I'll rant about these later)

Soaps like most scripted shows gives you a story with a specific meaning. Unfortunately the narcissism of most people along with the increasing narrow minds makes audiences more fractured. The days when you just sit back and accept the premise of something as a work of fiction for fiction's sake is over.

Most audiences rather see "real" situations and the judge them and then contribute to it until they force some sort of reaction. The Oprah Syndrome for short. The problem is most people are cattle and not smart enough to make the right decision, just abbreviated from old books like the bible and such. Just look at any major event and then see how many people ignore logic, commonsense, and science instead going for simplistic and ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Back to the soaps.
All My Children is being replaced by The Chew a show about food and food trends.
One Life to Live is being replaced with The Revolution a show about fatties and how they will keep up their denial about exercise and blame food.

As the World Turns was replaced with The Talk, a better version of The View thanks to Leah Remini but on the edge of flooding the airwaves with misinformation thanks to Sara Gilbert. Did we need another talk show? Maybe but that won't save CBS.

So what have I've been watching as the TV death-spiral continues? I'll see if I can start sharing soon.


  1. I am going to preface this by saying that I am an emotional mess and it does not take much to set me off these days.

    This is sickening.

    I remember being five and watching All My Children with my mom, after the local news, while we at lunch together, just before nap (during the summer). This ritual was the same every summer day for as long as I can remember.

    I can even turn it on now and see Opal and some of the same old people still haunting the plot.

    The newest fads when it comes to television, like this cooking show, are just that- fads. That cooking show will not be a hit and it will not last decades.


  2. You make perfect sense. I've been watching certain repeats and when home I leave the soaps on because all these shows are timeless.

    I can not imagine people 30 years from now gathering around to watch repeats of American Idol or old Oprah episodes. Let alone other lesser reality/talk shows.

  3. Even though it has been over 15 years since I've watched a soap, I am still sad when one of them is canceled. It always bothers me a little when something that has lasted for such a long time goes away.

    This news hits me a little closer to home because All My Children and One Life to Live were the soaps that I grew up with. I didn't watch them as often as Guiding Light (which came on right when I got home from school) but I remember looking forward to checking in on school holidays and sick days.

    I will admit, though, that I watch my share of reality TV. The majority of my viewing is scripted TV and movies, but I will waste a Sunday watching those shows about hoarders. They inspire me to get up and clean my house!

  4. Yeah also not a regular soap person. I guess I fear how they will fill the hole left behind.

    Oh and I do catch hoarding, pawning, and storage wars marathon too. Granted I'm never emotionally invested but it does good info on occasion.


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