Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Yawns

Well all the shows have returned from the Holiday break and they should have stayed gone.

My tolerance for predictable story lines has reached its limits. Add to that the horrible news and even worse pundits that love to start fights but then when one breaks out they blame others.

Oh well I have work, friends and a camera I can not seem to master so my TV habit may soon be kicked.

So what else am I watching repeats of Still Standing and Doctor Who.
New shows like Shameless are well acted but so unrealistic it throws you right out of the fantasy. The whole glorification of weed is getting ridiculous. The only nice moment the family has is when they get high together, that is truly shameless.



  1. There aren't many shows I enjoy on television these days. I spend most of my time watching A&E, if anything.

  2. Former Art & Entertainment channel, I use to love their docs on famous people and behind the scenes stuff.

    Now it is a reality crap nightmare.


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