Monday, June 06, 2011

Waltons Jumped the Shark

The Waltons was plagued with a host of continuity issues. Season one was near perfect but then after that it went off. Certain thing like having Earl Hamner Jr. say that they would never see a traveler again and then a season later the traveler is back but as a different actor. Their timeline was also something of a space-time continuum mess.

And for different actors they win a prize. About 15 characters were played by different actors and I'm only on season seven.

Jumping the Shark
Now the quality of the episodes were going down hill with the stroke of Ellen Corby that lasted 2 seasons or 3+ years in Waltons time. Then the exit of Richard Thomas the main actor. Finally the unexpected death of Will Geer who's characters Grandpa Walton was said to live to a great old age.

The Changeling:
Elizabeth is turning thirteen and gets haunted by a poltergeist. They try to explain it that when young kids go through a "change" ghosts get attached to their energy until their inner conflict is resolved.

The episode had flying furniture and everyone taking this serious. It was hard to watch especially knowing the actors were probably disgusted at the whole thing. Granted Earl Hamner J. did a few Twilight Zone episodes but if they wanted explore the supernatural they could have done it better.

The Warrior: Had an Indian burial ground under the Walton's barn. The entire episode was sketchy and the Pa Walton's reaction was uncharacteristic to say the least. Still it was nothing compared to The Changeling.

The Waltons: The Complete First Season


  1. I was a huge fan of the show hen I was a kid. I'm still a fan and watch it on the Hallmark Channel. When Will Geer died, his death was announced on one of those news updates the networks used to have between shows. I remember seeing it. I was stunned and cried. After grandma got a stroke, grandpa died, olivia left, johnboy left, I think the father left too, it was down hill.

  2. Sonny, I agree.
    I'm also watching it on Hallmark and the first few seasons were great then it got off track.

    Now I'm up to the part where John-Boy #2 was brought in and it's just bad.

    Still it's better than 90% of what is on now.


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