Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe: Common Descent

The least good of all the Stargate series is ending the show in a gooder way. Grammar aside the show started slow with a lost in space vibe but without alien encounters or fun sci-fi goodness. Instead they were just very introspective.

Now that the show is coming to an end they are meeting aliens, fighting robots, and time-traveling.

This episode has the crew meeting their descendants on a planet and then getting trapped with them while others search for the the rest of the great-great-great-great-grand kids. Apparently some previous accident split their ship into two and while using the Stargate the crew went 2,000 years back in time.

The second-crew established a modern civilization but the unstable planet caused problem and they disappeared stranding scouting parties throughout the local Stargates.

Confused enough yet?
All I know, since I've been missing a few episodes, is that now everyone on the crew is good and they all love each other, but they're running out of patience.

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