Tuesday, August 30, 2011


HGTV, Channel 98

Yup starting this up again. Last left off on the Food Network about 2 years ago then my TVs broke and then most shows became awful but let me finish off the channel list.

On with HGTV a channel that shows houses and occasional garden shows. From the little I saw they focus on buying, selling, or redecorating homes. From what I heard it started as channel that built homes and gardens but then it changed from documentary-style to "reality"-style.

House Hunters International
"A woman decides to make a life in Paris"
A show where Americans go to foreign countries and find a place to live. In this episode some woman with no real career goes to Paris and gets a NYC size apartment for $1,400 a month. It had no real shower but a great view. The other two apartments were two expensive or too small. Apparently since she had savings style was more important than affordability.

Never really watched this channel and I doubt I will again.

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