Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It's that time year right before my semester starts again and I need to finalize my shopping. Last break I bought my laptop and new TiVo through CheapStingyBargains. As I wrote in January I saved $380 on the laptop and got the TiVo for cheaper then my first TiVo.

Now I want some laptop accessories including a Linksys Router draft-N, a graphic tablet, a graphing calculator, and a laptop-backpack. CheapStingyBargains has all the deals for me save big bucks. The problem they also have great television deals. The fall season is staring in about a month and a half and I still don't have HDTV.

Lets make two lists.

Computer stuff...

  1. Would make college/work easier.
  2. Would blog faster.
  3. Could finally watch TV on the laptop(although I don't prefer it).
  1. Can finally see 40 free HD channels I pay for.
  2. Won't get laughed at by people who see my small TV.
  3. Really love TV, imagine Jericho in HD.
I prefer to call them Cheapstingybastards there original name for that reason, they show me so many great deals. I've used them plenty of times and referred them to many friends for that reason. It is a simple site for finding the best deals on the internet. All those free TV Guides and other magazines I posted about were from this website.

I have the money to spend but not for long.
What do I do?

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