Thursday, July 05, 2007

Real Documentaries

I watched this Deep Sea Detectives a History Channel show. This particular episode focused on finding the wreck of the Derbyshire, a container shipped that sank in a Typhoon in 1980.

While looking over the 2 mile long wreckage the camera found this creature.

Here is a quick video I took about the creature they discovered and named the Derbyshire Nymph. It is an isopod which is part some of the oddest crustaceans on the planet.

I just like real documentaries that involve science or tell an accurate story not those Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock skewed views or outright bad science.

PS: Ignore my crappy small TV I have other expenses. I'll get an HDTV when they are on sale.


  1. I saw your website is very good.

    I have a whole bunch of fake sites I use to scam people so don't bother looking.

  2. I' been looking for that video for ages. Thanks for posting that. Who cares about the ship? They should have spent the rest of the documentary pursuing that organism.

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I saw this "creature" in a vision the night before I saw the documentary on History International. Does anyone know who has one of these in a test tube?

  4. Aside from this image no one has ever seen this before.

  5. A was described this creature, and i made a model that looked just like it
    Coincidince i find this video a week and a half later... well, maybe

    ________________________________________________And now i laugh because you died


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