Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth, Dead Format

Bravo had about 17 ½ hours of the Live Earth concert thingy. I've never been fans of concerts let alone concerts on TV. This one is no different.

A bunch of ill-informed celebs join with a crowd of ill-informed youngster to try to help an actual
cause. The fact that people like Madonna owns millions in stock of the worlds biggest polluters yet most of her charitable donations goes to her own private organizations means little to the masses.

As a person who actually took environmental courses in college, along with the common knowledge learned from loving science, I know that most living things on Earth are in crisis. I applaud the Live Earth folks for getting the information out but a concert is a half-assed approach.

The Earth is not in crisis only most living thing on it. Sure I'm splitting hairs but it is an important distinction. Everything that humans do leaves footprints, there is no 100% green solution. Not that it is hopeless just the opposite this current crisis is temporary and it will be up to most powerful among us to lead the way through this period.

Petra Nemcova just gave a speech on how she feels the tsunami, that claimed her fiancé, was the Earth calling out for help. The problem with that is that an earthquake caused the tsunami and quakes are caused by collision of continental plates that are not affected by pollution or global warming. This is what I mean by ill-informed.

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