Friday, July 13, 2007

Hospital Cloning

General Hospital: Night Shift: Frayed Anatomies
They make no bones about it, this is a Grey's Anatomy rip-off. They have a black chief, a big black sassy woman and an ER full of hot young inexperienced nurses and doctors. What's different? The janitor...Billy Dee Williams.

Helping a new doctor with elevator buttons Billy Dee throws out a classic, "You'll have to be gentle, or she'll decide to quit on you.". Yes he's no mere janitor he's Sexy-Janitor.

This is the second spin-off from General Hospital, the other being Port Charles which started similarly but ended up in a supernatural mess. This is a SOAPnet venture that is only meant to last 13 episodes every Thursday at 11pm.

Verdict: Bigger budget but still a soap.


  1. The fact that Billy Dee Williams is associated with this project ALMOST tempted me to check it out. However, I broke the soap opera habit long ago and I am loathe to start up again.

    BTW, thanks for the comments you made on my blog about writing for money. You reaffirmed what I am starting to think -- I've got to write what I am passionate about and hope that the money will follow. As they used to say, "Follow your bliss" :-).

  2. True if your a great cook write about that if not writing about cooking will be strained and stressful.

    I like coins and TV so I write about it. I know engineering but don't like it much so that blog is hard to write.


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