Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kyle from Cincinatti

Kyle XY: Balancing Act
Kyle must balance his superman training with his new family. He fails at the family stuff but makes up with a new car, sort of.
We are learning more about his handler Tom Foss who killed his family in a drunk driving accident.
Jessi XX's handler gets her therapy with Mrs. Trager.

By the way the sexual tension between Mrs. Trager and Kyle is ridiculous. Don't tell me it is just innocent, it is weird.

John From Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Three
Well John is just a freak like Kyle XY except not as smart, more magic is happening and everyone is seeing it.

Is John the catalyst or is it just a coincident? Either way this strange show is well acted and done well. I hope we get a conclusion before cancellation. Remember Carnivale, Odyssey 5, or Jeremiah they all were weird and good but canceled before the reveal.


  1. The problem on Kyle XY is that Kirsten Proust (who plays Amanda) is too young for Matt Dallas in real life. I counted back, and when they filmed the first season, she would have been about 14-15 to his 22. It would have been controversial for the writers to try to generate any real heat between them.

    Also, Matt Dallas doesn't look much like a teenager anymore. It is difficult to see the youthful Mrs. Trager as his mother. So any affection between them looks sexual rather than familial.

  2. Yes either that or I have a dirty mind.


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