Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Devices Means More TV

I got my new TiVo it is an 80-hour dual-tuner TiVo. It cost $90.00 give or take a few bucks in shipping. I had some issues setting it up but now it is working great.

It records channels 2-22 on basic cable and records all the other channels through the box. I have to be careful because the basic cable channels are fuzzy and are not good for archiving.

TiVo Flame Replacement Remote
Because I ordered the TiVo through a recommendation I got 5,000 rewards points and then ordered a flame colored remote.

It turns out it is just a regular remote with a flame sticker you place over the buttons.
Yeah cheap! I should of got the TiVo slippers. Now I have 3 TiVo remotes and cold feet.

Dell E1505 Laptop/Notebook
I needed a computer for college so after much research I got a desktop replacement with as much as I could afford to cram in.

It has Windows Media Center, a TV tuner, an extra mouse and a remote.
I already hooked up an antenna and the cable to it and it records nicely but the channel changing is a problem.

I did get $380 off of the final price using online coupons from Cheap Stingy Bargains.
the final price was over $1,000 but I need to run the real MS Office 2003, Open Office, AutoCAD, and a few other engineering programs.

Two weeks until the semester starts and I have to fix all these things to record my shows and run my software all while trying to get an early start on the tougher classes. Last semester I had to drop a class and I'll be damned if I have to do it again.

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