Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kyle and John Settled Down

John From Cincinnati: His Visit, Day Six
More astral projecting from John but not enough to make you dizzy. Palaka nearly dies but the doc saves him. The doc also has problems looming from the hospital and Cissy is trying to help him.

Shaun and Butchie have a heart to heart and end up surfing together with John. No major reveals just the family getting closer.

Kyle XY: Free to be You and Me
Much like John FC this episode was very bonding-mushy. There was dating, dancing, and kissing.

By kissing I mean hot teen girl on girl action. I once thought ABC Family was all about the Puritan-Christian love because they have the 700 Club but from what I understand the 700 Club was forced on them. They are basically Fox for tweens. This episode handle the preachy everyone is equal stuff well.

There was a school dance where only straight couples were allowed so after some PMS issues with Hilary the gang helps Andy form an all-inclusive dance. There was a few incidents but nothing major. The best part again was when Hillary and Lori kissed to make some point that escapes me at the moment.


  1. The girls kissed to piss off Charlie, the jerk who slept around on his girlfriend.

    I read a report from the TCA tour that said Kyle XY will have more of these type episodes next season and less of the super-powers episodes. That disappoints me because I'd like to see them go in the other direction. I think a 60/40 split in favor of super powers would be good.

  2. I would say 60/40 in favor of family stuff. I like the super-power stuff but they often push it too far.

    Earthquake headaches? Come on.


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