Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The State of Morning TV

I'm rarely awake before noon if I have to be at home and when I'm at school/work I don't come home until after noon. That being said I still keep in touch with the failing morning shows and soaps, it's sad.

The View
They still need to replace the clown and the psycho, I'll let you guess which is which. The front runner is Kathy Griffin who is current showing her more serious side by crying in every episode of her show.
Side Note: I didn't realize she has a dead brother who was a criminal.
I think this show is watchable just because it fascinating to see how some people think.

As The World Turns

As soap operas struggle for ratings in a dying format they bring out stars to boost viewership. Jewel, Ricky Martin, Beyonce and others have done this. Who appears on this soap in a week long story line....Andy Williams.
Not to knock Mr. Williams I mean I love Moon River but he will turn 80 this year. Sending a rising star(Gwen Munson aka Jennifer Landon) to Branson, MI to duet with a blast from past.
They also had an actual two damsels in distress who were tied to a railroad track and a girl running through the woods the fell and twisted her ankle.

They could not possibly fit any more stereotypes about women into this show.

The Price is Right
Bob Barker is gone and no good replacements were announced.

Why they don't all these crappy reality shows on during the daytime this way primetime TV can return to its heyday of sitcom and dramas is beyond me.


  1. As you pointed out, nobody is really watching TV during the day. Still, they feel they have to air something for the few people that are. Once upon a time, I looked forward to the occasional day off to watch daytime TV but not any more. Soap operas and talk shows have lost their appeal.

    Reality shows, love 'em or hate 'em, mean ratings. People love watching the train wreck. Everyone complains about reality TV but everyone watches at least one reality show faithfully, myself included. The networks wouldn't want to waste shows that earn them money by airing them during the time when there isn't much of an audience. I do agree, however, that there are too many of them. If each network could confine themselves to one reality show a season, I would be happy.

  2. I admit watching reality but I feel bad afterwards. I rarely watch the 2nd season.


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