Saturday, July 07, 2007

7 Point Pledge

After Melissa Etheridge rocked and preached out. She really made you think when she asking "What Happened" to America. Basically she wondered if we were in too much debt to care but seeing how people in every country had some sort of debtors prison it is not that.

To answer her great question it is science. We are abandoning science and entering a new dark age where religion takes over and exploration gets crushed.
You're the problem if you every said or agreed with the following...

  • We need to fix Earth before we go to space.
  • Space exploration is a waste of time.
  • Creationism is science.
  • Scientist contradict themselves.
  • Evolution is not real.
  • Testing on animals is wrong.
  • Stem cells are not the solution.
  • There will always be more trees, fish, land, etc.
  • There is a conspiracy.
I understand science is complicated and most people are just average but it boils down to advance mathematics which if you can't explain it then you shouldn't have an opinion.

Melissa Etheridge inspires while Al Gore again did another dumbed down slide show with a 7 Point Pledge. (My comments in parenthesis's)
  1. Join an international treaty (No, bad stay independent)
  2. Take personal action (OK but it will cost in the short term)
  3. No new facility that burns coal (Great)
  4. Work for a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency (same as #2)
  5. Laws and policies of renewable energy (Careful one windmill kills 100 birds)
  6. Plant and protect trees/plants (Again careful must be done right)
  7. Support those who share my commitment (I support science)
Foo Fighters and Alicia Keys were also great they didn't say anything significant.

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