Saturday, July 21, 2007


Or more accurately hound.

I had the unfortunate pleasure to watch the first episode. To say Baio is a jerk would be an understatement. Yet next to his friends he is a prince. His entourage, which happens to be the show they are imitating, consist of quiet actor Jason Hervey from Wonder Years fame and two bad actors.

The four some does bits while trying to find out why Baio can't commit. He hires a "Life Coach" who tells him to retrace his penis. In the first episode he meets his first Erin Moran. Moran invites him to a signing where one of Baio's friends comes in and does a bit which Moran calls him out on.

When Erin Moran is the moral center of a reality show you know we have problems.

There are a few real moments but most are when people confront Baio on his lack of heart.
Save your brain cells and avoid this show.


  1. It's like a car wreck -- I can't avoid watching it :-0 . I've never watched Entourage, but I also thought they might be trying to imitate that show. Johnny V must be somebody they hired. I can't imagine Baio dragging this guy along with him all this years. JV looks like he would scare all the ladies away :-). I'm just waiting for the episode where Baio tells JV that they are no longer friends.

  2. Yes there is so little to watch lately that I've seen the all 3 episodes so far.

    The anger behind Julie McCullough's lame jokes is deep. Baio has no hope for real change.


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