Monday, July 30, 2007

JFC Secret Ingredients

John from Cincinnati: His Visit, Day Seven

John from Cincinnati's secret ingredients are tougher to figure out than KFC's secret recipe.

Linc Stark bested Jake Ferris, he also bedded Tina Blake, and has signed Shaun to a contract. His protégé Cass is the new center of activity. She filmed a tape of John telling the internet-fansite that "Shaun will soon be gone". This freaked everyone out especially Cass. She has no knowledge of filming it, in a very terrorist fashion.

The freaking part was when Cass confronts John he hypnotizes her and she starts to hide all the proof of what happened. Leading us to believe that John may not be a force of good.

I think Shaun will be abducted by the lotto winner.

This show gives me such a headache. The websites made for this show also have puzzles and clues that just make everything more complicated.

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