Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Dirty King Of Queens?

Look it is a hot wife with a sloppy lazy husband show, where she doesn't ever laugh at him when he makes a million jokes.

Lucky Louie: Pilot

Louis C.K. is comic and he tells his story in this sitcom style show. The show has a very Broadway feel it. Louie has a wife a kid and trying to be friends with a new black neighbor. The neighbor doesn't like him but agrees to let their kids hang out together.

The other storyline has Louie and his wife not sleeping with each other. He's masterbating in a closet. He doesn't want to get his wife pregnant because they can't afford it but she disagrees until they go to pay the bills and she realizes they're poor.

Overall the show is trying to hard to shock and I see no chemistry between the hot wife, Pamela Segall Adlon, and Louie. Like I always say, this is the pilot and it usually is the worst episode so I'll wait until the next episode to really judge it.

What did you think of Lucky Louie?


  1. I haven't seen this show... I don't watch that much television... but I like this blog. Well-written. Thoughtful.

    I read through quite a few posts. The one show I have seen is the Deadliest Catch, which I also liked.

  2. Thanks I watch too much TV but now it's summer so I'll cut down on this bad habit.


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