Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blogging For A Year

Actually a year and week but it has been fun. I have this TV blog which I hope to change a lot over the next few days and my coin blog which I enjoy even more over here at

I have finished another semester in college and I'm just waiting for the last grades to be entered.

I went out the other day and saw Mario Cantone talking on the street I waited for him to breakout in a Bette Davis or other dead actress but he was just being normal.

As for the season that just past...
Best Finale: Malcolm In The Middle 2nd would be That 70's Show
Worst Finale: Alias
Best Show This Season: Grey's Anatomy
Worst Show This Season: Supernatural

Now I'm off to find some nice blogs to steal their styles.


  1. "Grey's Anatomy" is our favorite show! So many of my favorites have been cancelled, that's practically the only show I'll have left to watch in the fall. I may have to pick up a book :-).

  2. Anonymous2:08 AM

    So, do you watch reality tv?



    American Idol?

    America's Top Model??

    Thanks for visiting my blog,

  3. I hate reality shows, I mean after Kelly Clarkson it was over those other winners will never be remembered.


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