Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Deadliest Catch: Season Finale

Deadliest Catch: Cashing In

I started watching this after hearing some good things about it and it was featured in The Sopranos.

You got several boats and their crew going fishing and we watch them struggle and strain all season. This finale shows all the boats picking up their last catch of crabs and getting paid. Luckily no one died during their stormy season on th Bering Straits but one guy did injury his foot and had to leave. While the only non-white guy was fired for not being a"team player".

The guys earned from $12,000 each on the least productive boat to $45,000 each for the boat that fished both cod and crab.

It is a great show even though I'm morally opposed to all types of fishing.

They had a marathon this weekend and it was easy to catch up on all the missed episodes. Which FX should look into because I want to start watching The Shield, Rescue Me and other shows but the are horrible when it comes to repeats.

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