Sunday, June 25, 2006

Psychics Are So Easy To Fool

The 4400: Gone Part 1
Maia gets a vision of her mother forgeting her and then a long lost sister shows up. The sister turns out to be a fake and kidnaps her and four other kids into the future. The fake sister tells her that she was seeding into time a bit late and that she needs to go back earlier.
Meaning they can but her back twelve years earlier and have her in present time as an adult woman.
While this potential crap is going Isabelle is growing in power and attitude as she turns on her mentor.

The Dead Zone: Independence Day
Johnny Smith is trying to save his friend and a whole bunch of people stuck in traffic but it takes a while because he can't see the criminal right in front of his face. Of course everything works out in the end.

What is the keyboard version of rolling ones eyes? The biggest probelm with this type of Sci-Fi/Fantasy is that there are no set rules so when there are holes they are big.

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