Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Quiet Time

It is the time right before I start working for the summer. It is also the days before the summer TV season start. I've been cleaning my home and resting.

In the upcoming weeks The 4400 and The Dead Zone will start and all the other Sci-Fi shows. I also have been trying new stuff on my 2 blogs. Now I'm going to finish The Dark Tower VII which I started last year, oh that reminds me Nightmare and Dreamscapes the mini-series will be on TNT starting July 12.


  1. "The 4400" and "The Dead Zone" are saving me from actually reading this summer :-). Seriously, so many of my favorites have been cancelled or gone downhill over the past few seasons that if the fall season doesn't come up with some gems, I'll probably just be watching TV one night a week.

  2. I'll try some reading but if TV calls I will answer.
    I can always catch up on those bad blockbusters from last year that run on HBO.


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