Monday, June 19, 2006

Wow Sundays Are Boring

It has been a few weeks since I've been home late Sunday nights. Now I have to start going to sleep early, before 3:00AM, and so I'm home with my TV.
But there is no Sopranos or Grey's Anatomy instead it is horror time...
Not these shows aren't scary but they are horrible.

The 4400:Being Tom Baldwin
Some mutants 4400ers are using his power to imitate the agent and mess up their investigations into the Nova group. The transformer gets caught and everything is fine. The sub-plot is about Isabelle learning how to use her body.
They keep showing Lily in flashbacks and instead of helping the show it makes it worse because you remember how much better the show use to be.

The Dead Zone: Forbidden Fruit
I fell asleep through this one. Johnny Smith is back in the season premiere trying to save the earth but for a psychic he sure doesn't have a clue. They hint that the bad guys have a "match" for Smith and they must because they set him up and helped further the career of Stillson. Poor Miranda Ellis, Laura Harris, after nearly dying once she is back and dies fully. I think we don't actually see her corpse just a news report.
I do applaud Harris for actually coming back to die.

Treasure Hunters: Hunters Begin Their Quest
A rip-off of The Amazing Race but only in America. Yes I hate reality shows but everything else sucked, plus the first season of a reality show is the only one that is "real". Ten teams race around the U.S. and must decipher clues to get a hint at some ultimate treasure.
The funniest family is the Brown family who are black, ok a dark shade of brown. The fattest of which nearly ended his life when he couldn't swim away from the boat and was about to be mowed down by the propellers. The safety guys were angrily shoving him forward. He had to be escorted to the shore but he struggled throughout the whole show.
The "geniuses" also struggled because they out thunk these simple clues. They forget this show is on TV and the networks always dumb it down for a mass audience.

I played along at home with there interactive quiz and I didn't win the $10,000 it's on tonight wish me luck I don't want to work all summer. And yes that is the only reason I'm watching to play the at home prize game.


  1. I can't look at Laura Harris without seeing the quiet, mousy character she played on a teen soap opera called "Fifteen".

    You are right, there isn't much to watch on Sundays this summer. I keep threatening to pick up a book :-).

  2. That soap was called Hillside around these parts and I vaguely remember seeing a few episodes but since it was Canadian I paid no attention.

    To me Laura Harris will always be Daisy Adair from Dead Like Me.

    I continue to read Dark Tower VII but Stphen King tends to be long winded at time so I have to give my eyes a rest.


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