Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still Windfalling

Windfall: Running with the Devil
Zoe is still missing and the gossip mill is running at full steam.

Every lottery winner is being robbed. Damien finally got some from his wife. Someone gets shot.

Boy this show is boring.

Larry King Live: Star Jones-Reynolds
Watching Star evade simple questions by twisting words and not be upfront shows why she was fired. The sickly looking Star kept calling her surgery a "medical intervention" when King asked so "does that mean surgery?" she said "but of course it does what else would it mean".

Having a near photographic memory gives Star the ability to stick with a half truth and never slip up. She never mentions the word surgery and will never slip because of this gift.

It is like if some asked "Who drank the last can of beer?" I say "It wasn't there when I last looked in the fridge." and no matter facts the person brings in like "You are the only one in the room. I just stick with "It wasn't there when I last looked in the fridge." all the time knowing I will never confess.


  1. Some people say that women get jealous when one of the group finds a good man or loses weight. Star is the opposite of that -- she became totally obnoxious when she got engaged and made people hate her. She has been so full of herself over the past couple years that the show would have been painful to watch if there weren't other co-hosts to minimize her talk time.

    I'm not sad to see Star go but I am not sure how much longer I will watch the show. Rosie O'Donnell is just as loud as Star and doesn't know how to function in a panel. Also, I can only take Barbara in small doses, so they need to get a replacement for Star quickly. If they don't choose a minority, they will open themselves up to more criticism regarding Star's firing.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. Will the View be all white, I think the producers are looking for a dark skin hispanic or any hispanic to get an increase in ratings.

    But since Barbara is upset that 2 co-host have left badly she just may pick a quiet republican person to balance out Rosie.

  3. I don't think she would have trouble finding a conservative co-host who is also a minority. That would actually be a good balance. If you take Barbara out of the mix, they would have two liberals (Rosie and Joy) and two conservatives (Elizabeth and new co-host).


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