Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lucky Louie is Nuts

Lucky Louie: A Mugging Story
Kim is mugged by a some teenage punk and fights back. She steals his wallet and confronts him at home. The kid keeps her keys and threatens her revenge after his grandma forced him to give back her purse.
Louie tries to guard his home but falls asleep on the job.
Kim(Pamela Adlon) like Carrie Heffernan(Leah Remini) on The King of Queens is the strongest character on the show. Louie can't hold his own against such a good actress, but he is not the weakest link on the show. That falls to his daughter who is as bad at acting as the Jim Norton, who is a great comedian but a horrible actor.

Then there is Rick Shapiro as Jerry. He opens the show with full frontal nudity plus a towel that covers nothing. He even seemed to be sporting some wood which made it more disgusting but funny. Then at the end he closes with more nudity except without a towel for coverage.

The show gets funnier each episode, with or without Shapiro's twig and berries.

The View( Yes I had to TiVo it to see the drama )
Tuesday= Star Jones-Reynolds annouces she is leaving in the fall, after the show she said "they fired me".
Wednesday= Barbara Walters says You were fired for being fake but we hoped you would leave with diginty, too late.(Star is erased from credits and website.)
Thursday= Renee Goldsberry who should be there on Monday comes in early as a replacement, she plays a lawyer on One Life to Live and that nearly caused Walters to choke.

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