Thursday, June 08, 2006


Windfall: Pilot

An assorted cast of 19 friends put a dollar in a lotto pool and hit it big, to the tune of $386 million. The first problem is the 20th winner, played by Malinda Williams, who is a pizza girl and only put a dollar but did not sign the lotto sheet, her storyline will be explored next week.

Luke Perry plays a man with a cheating wife and his wife's boyfriend is also married, not to mention it was his birthday that won the lotto(12 9 19 7 1).

The hour long show is simple and very predictable. A seventeen year old winner who is a slacker gets married to a Russian bride to keep his money from his parents. It was so obvious that the Russian girl is going to be a problem and in the closing scene she returns in tears.

I hold no hope for the show surviving the summer season.

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