Thursday, June 15, 2006

Windfall: Episode 2

Windfall: The Getaway

Everyone is starting to spend the winnings. Beth and Nina go on a shopping trip to Paris, ala The Sopranos, but the green screen of Paris was so obviously fake. Beth kisses some random Frenchy.

Damien wants to throw a big party but needs his Russian brides' signature but he rewards her with a new wardrobe. Frankie gets drunk and grows closer to Damien. Damien wakes up to an empty closet and a credit problem with his wife because she doesn't want to bother her husband she is sending used things to her family in Russia.

Kimberly's son is getting into fights in school because he's dumb so his mom thinks of a solution, throw money at the problem. Kimberly is confiding with the new cook because her mom is gone somewhere. Kimberly gets bad news when a party planner that has dirt on all the other winners claims to be the 20th winner and freezes the poor womans assests.

Sean gets a lawyer and puts the money in his new girlfriends name and pays off an ex-con buddy. He is settling down nicely then Zoe goes missing.

I'm guessing the series will focus on these nine winners and forget the other eleven.

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