Sunday, August 28, 2005

TV Guide Aug. 28-Sep. 3

Lost Exclusive on the cover with pictures of Yunjim Kim, Dominic Monaghan, Evangeline Lilly and Jorge Garcia. There is only a sneak preview DVD on the cover-stand version, us subscription folks get screwed. I will not pay $2.99 for a 2-second preview; someone will download it on the web. When they do inform me or I’ll inform you. Inside is a 7-page episode guide of the DVD along with a tiny spoiler.
The pilot cost a record $12 million dollars to make. Episode 4 “Walkabout” which reveals Locke paraplegia is nominated for an Outstanding Writing Emmy for a Drama. Brown sugar is used in all the heroin scenes. Sawyer and Kate are the first survivors to kiss and Sawyer is reading the book Watership Down. Episode 11 has Boone talking about “the red shirts” from Star Trek. Vincent the dog is played by a female Madison. Two scenes were cut from the Series finale involving Claire, Sayid and the plane’s pilot are on the DVD.
The free mini-CD allegedly contains deleted scenes, behind the scenes, a season 2 trailer, a Drive Shaft song and photos from the set.
I did not read the spoilers and don’t plan too, I hate spoilers.

Good things to read inside.

  • A 4-page fall photo preview.
  • That Brat Camp update I blogged a few posts ago.
  • Maggie Grace of Lost has 3 pages to choose her Emmy outfit; she’s 21 and 5’9”.
  • Matt Roush reviews Prison Break and likes it.
  • A 6-page Peter Jennings tribute.
  • The new Vegas set.
  • Prison Break starts Monday and looks good.
  • Rome starts Sunday and looks bad even though the spent $100 million on it.
  • TV Land celebrates Labor day by becoming TV Landon with a 72-hour tribute to Michael Landon.
Here’s a summary of the book: Watership Down
The story is about a group of rabbits, who decide they must leave their warren when Fiver, a young buck rabbit among them, has a strange feeling that something bad is coming. His older brother Hazel leads a small group of rabbits out of the warren, in search of a new home. But when they do find a new place, they discover that they have no female rabbits, and they must find a way to bring some to their new warren.

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