Monday, August 08, 2005

Six Feet Under : All Alone

They start with a scene of Ruth crying into her pillow on the edge of her bed and dreaming of Nate. The tears don't stop their as the family remembers Nate in their own selfish ways.
Maya is constantly asking "Where's daddy?", not eating & soiling herself and this is annoying Brenda. David goes to pick up Nate's body and finds his eyes were taken out along with most of his organs, this surprised Daivd not knowing that Brenda allowed the harvesting of his organs. Almost immediately David begins having seeing disturbing images of his attacker from last season.
Maggie shows up at Brenda's doorstep breaking potted-plants and bearing quiche. Brenda dismisses her and tries to contact Billy who's in Dubai, while her mother is being little comfort. Claire calls for her new conservative beau and they ride around listen to Kelly Clarkson and top 40 hits as he comfort hers.
Keith in charge of the kids goes to perv-Rogers house for an emergency and finds out that Roger has a BJ video of him and Keith.
Claire shows up at the funeral not properly dressed. Rico is first to speak and he's very emotional and good. David is next but his hallucinations get the better of him. George is next and does a great non-crazy job. The burial consisted of Nate wrapped in cloth dumped in a grave at a park. David is about to crack but his mom sits with him.
We see Claire's fond memory of her first experience with pot with Nate, she had been struggling all episode to find a non-fighting memory of Nate. They all help to shovel the dirt into the grave but Brenda gives up. Brenda has a talk with dead-Nate and then gives Maya to Ruth. Billy shows up as Brenda collapses into his arm. Kurt Cobain's song plays the show out and was also featured in Claire's fond memory.

One of the best episodes of the year. Well acted and very emotional. All the characters stabilized and pulled it together without any ridiculous plot twist.

2 more episodes left, also a special on Aug 15 called
Six Feet Under 2001-2005 In Memoriam.


  1. Agreed. This was one of the best episodes. I loved the way that Ruth went from totally off the walls to, perhaps, the most pulled together of the group. My favorite part, though, was when Claire comes in and isn't dressed. When David says, "Everybody else managed to get dressed" and Claire retorts, "Well, everbody else wins," I nearly died.

  2. It was great. I can't wait for the next 2.


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