Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Brat Camp: Troubles Update

Jada Chabot the liar compulsive liar and wannabe star had more troubles after leaving Brat Camp. Chabot who is 16 had a boating accident on August 3 near her home in Boston. Jada was doing her best Speedracer imitation when she slammed her speedboat into a family on an inflatable raft injuring two of them.
She faces criminal charges but no drugs or alcohol was found in her system. The Boston Herald has donned her “superjerk”. Her father Doug Chabot has said that all her friends are pulling away from her. Doug also revealed to TV Guide that he thinks now it was a mistake to put his daughter in the ABC show. He just put her in because “Jada….loves to sing, act and dance and this was a chance to be in front of the cameras”, great parenting skills.

This comes on the heals of Isaiah Alarcon’s, 17, little racist arrest. More details of what happened are now out, he was arrested and charged with spray-painting racial slurs at the home of a black schoolteacher in Winton, California. The angry punk was held for two days in a juvenile prison and may be charged as an adult.

ABC has declined to comment on these failures but in tonight’s episode they will have updates, now I wonder will the sugar coat it or show the truth. Remember because of the death of Peter Jennings the show has been delayed for a week so they should have plenty of time for accurate updates.

Don’t worry Jada I’ll be your friend.

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