Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday

I got it! It’s Stargate Atlantis that drains the energy out of me faster than a hungry Wraith. So I fall asleep during Atlantis and wake up all disoriented for the other Sci-Fi Channel shows. Once again I’ll keep it short and pass over any details.

Stargate SG-1: Beachhead

The Ori sent a Prior to bring the word to some Jaffa, they refuse and so the Prior starts a force field to transform the planet. Soon the Jaffa are all dead and the bubble is growing. SG-1 brings Samantha Carter back to help she and a Goa’uld suggest a nuke. They use it against Vala’s wishes and the bubble takes over the entire planet.
The Goa’uld betrays them and a huge Stargate is about to be formed bringing an army to our galaxy but Vala takes a ship and uses it to prevent the gate from activating and disappears when the gate is destroyed. Dr. Jackson doesn’t die so they believe that Vala may be alive in the Ori galaxy.

Stragate Atlantis: Trinity
Oh so sleepy. From what I saw coward-McKay finds a big power source in a dead Ancient city and wants to use it. He tries twice the first time kills a red-shirt and the second blows the entire planet up. If your counting it’s the second planet explosion in the last hour.
Meanwhile Tyr Ronon finds not all his people died so he meets up with his old commander and kills him. There was some logic and thin excuse he gave but I guess they are trying to establish his character as unpredictable or honor bound, cough, Warf, cough…cough.

Battlestar Galactica: Home Part 1
Starbuck, Helo and Sharon II, who is now pregnant, are all back in the President’s fleet. Sharon II saved her fine ass by sharing her knowledge of the Tomb they are searching for on Kobol.Zarek and Meier are planning a hostile take over.
On the Galactica, Adama is still mad and making poor hiring decisions which has the position of CAG (Commander, Air Group) and the squadron in shambles. Adama gets some advice from the private and decides to reunite the fleet and heal the wounds.

Firefly: Shindig
There’s an Australian party and Kaylee gets to dress like a girl. River acts crazy in a new and creative way. The captain wins and no one dies. Short enough for my satisfaction.

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