Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday

Is it me or are these shows getting more boring each week. Battlestar Galactica being the exception. So I'll keep it short.

Stargate SG-1:
Vala is still around and connected to Dr. Jackson. She poses as a god while traveling to her old home. Jackson makes her tell the truth and puts her on the execution path for a third time. The Ori make their power known and win over the village but Vala is spared.
We finally learn the relationship with Lexa Doig and Beau Bridges character, they're father and daughter.

Stargate Atlantis:
They visit a prison island with an advance culture on the main land. The advanced people tell them they saved themselves by offering criminals as food to the Wraith. Eventually the Atlantis crew rescue all the good hearted criminals and the Wraith go for a buffet in the advanced culture.
McKay did make a MacGyver joke.

Battlestar Galactica
Starbuck is wounded in battle and taken to a Caprica hospital. We learn she was abused as a child, by her ten broken fingers. The hospital is actually a Cylon birthing center with dozens of women being bred like cattle. Starbuck kills them all and fights some Cylons before being rescued. Sharon II returns with a ship and helps them. Starbuck got the arrow back and is heading home.
Back on Galactica the president is on the run and plays the religion card to head back to Cobol with one third of the fleet. Adama has a mini-breakdown.

The crew finds an empty ship they go on-board to take the booty and find one survivor and plenty of dead ones. Those Reavers are to blame, the survivor is so messed up he thinks he's a cannibal Reaver and starts killing people. The Alliance comes in and at first arrest everybody but then lets them go without the loot.
Another reason I never got into the show is that they never got any loot at least not in the few episodes I saw.


  1. See...I actually think that the episodes are getting better...or, at least, I'm talking about Stargate SG-1. I liked the fact that they're trying to give Vala a little more depth. I liked the way her relationship with Jackson seemed to develop a little more than just playful here. Or, again, maybe I just LOVE Claudia Black.

  2. I want to see more team work, make Ben Browder more of an active member. So far he's wasting space on the show.


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