Monday, June 20, 2005

USA the Nth Network

The 4400:
Robert Picardo plays Trent Appelbaum a loser abducted 15 years ago who owes money to a loan shark. That fat loan shark shares a drink with Appelbaum and loses 75 pounds over the weekend. The shark apparetnly never read or saw Stephen King's Thinner and lets his wife share the spit of death with predictably tragic results. Appelbaum sells his golden loogie to a company that gave it to 100 people, it's up to the agents to cure Appelbaum, his daughter and the 100 others. Meanwhile Jordan Collier is letting his greed slip affecting all those who believe in him.

The Dead Zone:
Johnny Smith never had the surgery that was supposed to save his life last season and he's never been healthier? Well anyway, this week Smith was chasing a serial kidnapper who obsessed with Leave It To Beaver. He kidnaps women and makes them into model housewives and then lets them go. One of the women, who like the others never told anyone of her ordeal, helps Smith and the Sheriff trackdown the psycho. She later betrays Smith and annouces that she loves Mr. Psycho and helps him escape. Hmmm, for a psychic Smith should've seen this coming. No updates on the secret society.
The USA network has evovled beyond the other basic cable channels with these one hour dramas this week the also will show the Tribute to George Lucas and soon Monk will be back on. Don't forget that Law & Order: SVU repeats which are the best of all the Law and Orders, although I here that the new Law & Order: Garbage Inspection Unit should be good.

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