Monday, June 13, 2005

The 4400: Ep. 2 Season 2

Sharif Atkins starred in this episode playing a mind-reading wannabe baseball player. He is plagued by the rush of voices in his head that only psych drugs can get contain. The agency in charge of the 4400 use him to infiltrate Collier's Scientology group. They learn that the group is trying to overthrow a small fictional country and promptly arrest him. Atkin's character gets betrayed by the agency and will not be helped instead gets used more for his gift.

Meanwhile agent Diana's sister came to town and Diana's daughter let it slip she is still psychic. Agent Tom's didn't pay for his son's college so the boy couldn't initially attend then goes to class and meets his to sexy-to-be-realistic new teacher Lexa Doig, straight from Andromeda and giving birth. Richard, Lily and baby once again committed crimes to survive but it strange each time the Lily is in need the bad things happen, is it possible that the baby is only amplifying Lily's power not actually the causing these acts?

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