Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In da House

Now that my regularly scheduled programs are over for the summer I'll start watching what ever else I missed during the season. I saw House it's a Fox medical drama on Tuesdays at 9:00pmET. The central character on House is Dr. Gregory House played by Hugh Laurie he has 3 specialist under him and a female administrator who he fondly dislikes. Dr. House is exactly like Dr. Perry Cox(John C. McGinley) on Scrubs except this is a hour long drama and Scrubs is a 30 minute comedy, but the same jokes work well on both. The show works well explain all the medical jargon by including graphic imagery. This is to make sure that an outrageous diganosis is possible even if the have to drill the story line into your head, which they did in this episode. "Paternity", the title of the episode I saw, dealt with a teenager with who after getting hit playing sports is suffering strange side-effects. Through a long and complicated way they come to realize he has the measles. The fun is the journey through his medical history and watching the symptons unfold. This is yet another good show to add to my long list.

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