Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Geeks are Slightly Less Annoying

Beauty and the Geek
Premiered tonight on the WB and I was fortunate to watch it. The premise of the show is having 7 confirmed dumb-but-pretty chicks paired with 7 nerdy-geeks and watch the sparks fly. Well less sparks more snide-snickering from the girls. They gave the girls the typical Howard Stern type political questions and no surprise the girls did horrible. The geeks got music questions and faired better. There was a dance competition that was just sad. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't see the last couple of minutes but I believe Cheryl and Eric were kicked off.

This show is produced by Ashton Kutcher & Jason Goldberg, J.D. Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy and Nick Santora the great minds behind Punk'd, Guess Who, The Biggest Loser, For Love or Money and The Sopranos respectively.

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  1. this show is funny, but not that great.

    it is apparent that anything with ashtons name on it will make it to air.


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