Thursday, June 16, 2005

TV Guide: June 19-25

Yeah, I'm early. It's the summer special diet issue you fat pigs, with Kelly Ripa on the cover. Learn how Ripa stayed thin after pushing out some babies.

Good things to read inside:

  • Joss Whedon has approved 3 comics, first on June 29 you can get Angel: The Curse it leaves off where the series finale ended, it's a five-part comic. Second Spike: Old Times finds Spike chasing demons and the ladies. Third Serenity a three-part comic transitioning from the show to the movie. All from IDW publishing.
  • More cool tech especially the Sling Media Slingbox, it looks interesting.
  • 50 celebrity diet tips. Hey half of these celebs are dangerously thin so it must work.
  • Tommy Lee and Kathy Hilton Interview each other and sparks don't fly.
  • Also there is a long list of the best TV DVD's , Davey and Goliath: Volume 1, sweet.
  • For Fathers Day TV's hottest dads, shouldn't a better Fathers Day honor be the TV's hottest daughters.

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