Sunday, June 26, 2005

The 4400

This was a rather slow moving episode. Jordan Collier re-affirms his leadership role by correctly predicting two outcomes. First his young healer apprentice gets involved with a group of Seattle street kids, homeless-white-wannabe-drug-addicted-rockers to be exact. Collier warns him against using his powers in front of them. He does anyway and the group surrounded him begging for help overwhelming the young healer. Second Collier caught up with Richard and convincing him he's a changed man and that Lily And the killer baby should meet-up. They met and the cute little killer baby laughed and played with Collier.
The second plot line involved a returnee who has the power to unlock the hidden artistic talents of children. She fails to do so in one little brat so he brings a gun to force her to do better, his daddy helps the situation and everybody hugs in the end.

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