Sunday, June 19, 2005

Long Weekend? Movie Time

I saw about six movies this week-end on HBO, SHO and Starz.

  1. The Terminal, Tom Hanks as a mildly retard tourist stuck in an airport. I'm not sure if he was meant to be retarded but he sure acted like it. A man trying to go New York City gets grounded at an airport after his passport is revoked because his country is at war. Ignoring the plot hole that a person without a country has to stay in an airport, I continued watching the movie. The reason Hank's came to America was to get an autograph of jazz man for his dead father. He meets airport employees and they help him survive. At the end he gets everything he came for and then wants to go back home. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the love interest, yet she's not that interesting.
  2. Barbershop 2, Ice Cube and the gang are back making fun of everyone and everything. The plot is that a new barbershop is opening directly across of Cube's place. the gang tries to fight the opening but lose. Cedric the Entertainer is great in the flashbacks when we learn how the barbershop was put together and how it survived.
  3. The Prince & Me, Julia Stiles in a romantic comedy that is just what the title says. If you don't already know the predictable ending of this movie then you never watched movies in your life. The only original part of this movie is that when they get together the movie doesn't end instead they grow apart and then a year or so later they get back together. Stiles is sweet in the movie the "prince" is forgettable.
  4. Against the Ropes, Meg Ryan is a boxing guru. Ryan plays the most annoying boxing promoter since Don King. She whines her way through the movie until becoming the most successful women in boxing. Omar Epps is the only bright spot of the film and he is sparsely used.
  5. The Notebook, the best of the bunch. Based on the bestselling book it is a must watch. I won't say much about the movie for those who want to watch a good movie. Ryan Gosling and James Garner play perfectly against Gena Rowlands and Rachel McAdams. It's an emotional movie and doesn't get overly dramatic to achieve this.

With the exception of The Notebook I am glad I never saw these movies in the theaters. I did see some good shows over the weekend but phone troubles kept me inside. Thank god for TV and the internet if not my communications with the outside world would have meant me actually getting dressed and going outside.


  1. 6 movies in one weekend? Wow! I think the only good one on the list is The Terminal (although I haven't really seen the rest)

  2. Well I didn't enjoy The Terminal, I believe it was a remake. Most of them I saw back to back plus the seven one- hour dramas I usually watch.


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