Saturday, July 18, 2009


Formerly Court TV, Channel #58

truTV was once Court TV a station dedicated to courtroom proceedings and talking about court cases. In New York City cameras are not allowed in the courtroom and because of this the station was never popular.

Actually it was so unpopular that for years it shared a channel with Playboy Television on channel #60. At 8pm or 9pm every night the station would switch from Court TV to Playboy(which was blocked for non-subscribers) and it did not always go smoothly. Playboy added a 1 minute buffer of the Playboy symbol but it usually took 2 minutes for the blocking software to come up and stop the nudity.

Every once in blue moon the software took 24 hours to work. Oh the good old days.

Back to truTV, tagline "Not Reality. Actuality."
A mix of crime-recreation shows, caught on video, and reality shows.

One program that sounds interesting is Man vs. Cartoon where people study cartoons and try to recreate the foolishness. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner are up next.

Forensic Files is an older show that traces the steps police take when solving crimes. It is good but at times graphic.

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