Friday, July 10, 2009

Comedy Central

Comedy Central, Channel #50

Stand-up comedians, dirty cartoons, and fake news shows what more can a sense of humor stand.

I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report every night but I do have to say I enjoy when they go break. They can get overbearing after a while.

The Daily Show went from a simple fake entertainment news show to a political heavyweight. I don't care for politics since it is mostly a bunch of hypocritical-power-hungry-smart-mouths who occasionally do something great. Anyone who take politics serious is a moron and this show proves it. The lying and out right two-faced politicians outted on this show would ruin a career except their zombie like followers always make excuses for the behavior.

Case in point:
New York had a Democratic senate then a coop gave Republicans control then after another coop they became a 50/50 senate and refused to work for a month. Then our former Lt. Governor turned current Governor, after a prostitution scandal from the Governor elected, broke the deadlock by appointing a new Lt. Governor. The fear of a new Lt. Gov. made the turncoats reinstate Democratic control.
Honestly this whole thing would make a great sitcom.

Anchor show South Park barely shows any new episodes and less than half are funny but they did make the network what it is today.


  1. I love stand-up comedy, but Comedy Central is glitchy in my area to the point of being unwatchable :-(.

  2. FX and a few others in the mid #40s were like that until the cable upgraded now only a few premium channels are glitchy.

    I had to complain half a dozen time but because at one point half of the stations weren't coming through clear.


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