Thursday, July 09, 2009

ABC Family

ABC Family, Channel #49

Lots of family friendly reruns. A handful of not so family friendly original shows.

Kyle XY was the show that put this station on the radar of most TV viewers but it was abruptly canceled. Their new anchor shows are Greek and The Secret Life of An American Teenager. I've watched bits and pieces of each and they seem well made. If I didn't cut back on TV I'd be watching both.

The station does like pushing the envelope on new shows but lacks the loyalty or strength to hold out through low ratings.

Most of their new line-up consists of transforming recent teen movies into TV series.

On big drawback is The 700 Club. A religious program that is forced to be carried on the station due to what I can only assume was a deal with the devil, details are sketchy. I've watched this often hate filled hour because some of what is said is so ridiculous it should be a comedy, while other segments resemble well made documentaries.

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