Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NYCTV 1-74?

New York City Television 2 or 3 or 73 or 74, City Drive Live, Channel #72, #73, #74

Ok TiVo guide, Optimum guide, and the corner logo all give different names for these channels but I guess the are part of the NYC Media Group which are city owned/run stations like OTB or PBS.

City Drive Live , Channel #72- A 24/7 live traffic cam channel switching between each camera every few seconds. Talking over this are ads for city services on a feed called Radio NYC.

Channel #73...everything new york - Four rotating shows about city life.
NYC TV Digital Magazine:
As far as I can tell it is a NYCTV show to tell you when and where are other NYCTV shows are playing, in a series of repetitive commercials.

Channel #74...everything new york - Mostly how the city government runs, not the state inactivity.
Access Mayor - The mayor of NYC tells stories and hold press conference, great except when he speaks in Spanish.
The Council - The city council acts up and tries to pass laws.
Other shows round out what should be boring but occasionally holds my interest.

Watching local government trying to explain or pass laws and then the audience suddenly yelling in protest until they are forcibly removed is annoying. I don't mind if all these meeting were held in private since never once did the crazies change a vote. As long as they continue broadcasting audiences should be banned.


  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Nothing to say except I miss my TiVo :(

  2. Don't feel too bad not much to TiVo these days but once I'm back in class it will be used.

  3. Yeah, I tried watching the show once or twice but I don't see it as a celebration of gluttony just another reality competition.


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