Sunday, July 19, 2009

Currently Watching: July 2009

Meteor - NBC mini-series about an Earth killing asteroid where everyone is horrible, even Marla Sokoloff's character who is the hero of the story turns to a killer, justifiably of course. A complete opposite of the ABC kiler asteriod mini-series Impact where everyone helped each other.

Tonight's conclusion should determine if Earth is worth saving, I'd vote no but Sokoloff is the only thing worth saving.

True Blood - Vampire, shape shifters, religious nuts, mind readers, and something ancient lurking in the deep south. My Buffy withdrawal has been quenched.

Weeds - Never saw the first season and still love these episodes. Funny show.

Nurse Jackie - Edie Falco is a great actress but I still can't feel for Jackie.

Royal Pains - Still funny, it is like MacGyver got a medical degree.

Eagle Eye -Shia LaBeouf being himself while recreating Enemy of the State by Wil Smith.
Made of Honor - Funny romantic comedy, no surprises.
Immortal - A mixture of 98% CGI and 2% real actors where humans, aliens, and Gods mess with each other in the future. Freaky, would be great if it weren't for all the bad graphics.
Margot at the Wedding - A truly evil sister comes to a wedding and spreads her evil.
Pineapple Express - Action adventure pot comedy. Dumb, not a judgment but the category.
Naked Fear - Joe Montegna must of desperately needed a paycheck.
El Cuerno de la Abundancia - Cuban families try to inherit a large fortune, chaos ensues.

Deaths- Round 2?
Walter Cronkite before my time but a gold standard of news anchors.
Frank McCourt brilliant writer and former NYC school teacher.


  1. Just finished watching the last episode of "Stargate: Atlantis" here; season three's cliffhanger. Was pretty good, and looking forward to season four. Has that been on over there yet? I'm a little out of touch with the running schedules...?

  2. Yup. For a while it has been over it was a mess.
    I can barely recall the finale so it couldn't of been that good.

  3. I don't have HBO so I haven't seen "True Blood". I can't decide whether I want to rent the DVDs or read the books first. I'm also suffering from a lack of magic/fantasy in my TV schedule, so I'm leaning towards the DVDs.

  4. Reading is overrated but maybe in honor of Frank McCourt books are warranted.

    It's a tie do both at the same time.


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