Sunday, July 05, 2009


Lifetime, Channel #45

I do enjoy this channel. The overly dramatic sometimes real life stories are great.

Nothing is too complicated on Lifetime movies but they tend to reduce everyone into two categories.

The Victim:
Usually a she has been done wrong by someone she loved and/or trusted then must fight to become a powerful force for change.

The Perpetrator:
The bad doctor or child or husband or friend that terrorizes and dismisses the victim becuase inside they are jealous of the victim.

If you watch enough of this programming you eventually start walking down the street pointing out, victim...perp...victim...perp. Lately Lifetime movies try to psych you out by showing everyone as perps and then revealing the true perp at the end. Almost clever but they do it constantly so it lacks the shock and awe.

Add to that a handful of originals, reruns, and reality show and you have a typical day on Lifetime.

Along That Theme
I happen to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, hey ignore my viewing habits I do not discriminate when it comes to television.
These must have been the dumbest college girls in history. They never heard of the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy. Honestly, a triple dose of estrogen and will only stop the egg and nothing else. It is available without a prescription.

Magic pants I can believe, college women who haven't a clue about how someone gets pregant is ridiculous.


  1. Lifetime is another one-show channel for me. I only tune in for Army Wives. I checked out their new show Drop Dead Diva last week and it was cute, but I don't think there is enough to the plot for it to last past six episodes.

    The great thing about having a DVR is that I can cherry-pick the shows I like from each channel and never have to be exposed to the rest of their mediocre lineups.

  2. Army Wives like other new shows were put on the end of my TiVo list but due to conflicts never got recorded.


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