Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Is it Summer?

Cover of "Noise"

My TV is off after watching the horrible Tim Robbins movie Noise. Also I just finished listening to Loveline online which is part of my daily ritual.

Everything is off and except for the delivery guys dropping off baked goods around the local stores no one is outside.

It has been incredibly cool this summer and near perfect weather for the last few days yet no one is outside.

I recall 15 years ago the streets of Brooklyn was crawling with real noise and robberies and everything from music to murder, attempted murder at least.

Now all day and night there is not one gang of kids or loud girls, no drunken parties or group of cars cruisin'. The few times I've seen groups of one time troublemakers they are huddled around cell phones not noticing I'm carrying a bag of quarters or holding a decent camera. Of course I'm not looking for trouble but has the cell phone and internet done what TV could never do.

Got kids so fat and lazy they are no longer a threat.

I've actually seen a group of teens using laptops on the street and subway and no one even looks at them funny.

Summer meant one thing noise and adventure, I planned months in advance to avoid all noise and adventures. It seems now I'm a risk taker if I want to see an event live rather than online. Talking about a new exhibit at the MET someone told me "yeah I saw that it was pretty cool." I thought that was something since the exhibit hasn't opened,"Did you get to go to preview event". She responded "No, I saw it online it's better because you avoid the crowds and ticket cost."(Tickets are suggested fees so if you want to pay $0.25 it's fine)

Really? A 2,000 year old gold statue is best seen online from your 10 inch laptop, while texting and listening to your iPod.

It's a draw a nicer quieter city but dumber citizens.


  1. Anonymous6:41 AM

    wat u mean if it adorable or not?? :O

  2. I mean your own pictures are cute, of course.
    But the conversation is kind of silly.

    All together it is so cute and nice it maybe too cute.

    Understand I'm old and a bit cynical so comments hold little weight.

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    You know, you made a handful of good and funny points here. I especially love "Got kids so fat and lazy they are no longer a threat."

    Wow, is the MET always like that? Tickets are suggested fees? Our museums are outrageously priced, unless there are some hidden that I don't know of. Okay, not outrageous, but not always affordable and certainly not .25 cents.

    I used to watch Loveline, but had no idea that I could find a live radio broadcast these days. I suppose I haven't thought of it lately. Thanks for mentioning it and bringing it out of the depths of my brain :)

  4. Last time I went to the MET I paid $5.00 because they are massively in debt and just fired 40 workers. I felt bad and had the money but the person in front of me just went through paying about $1.00, most pay $20.00 because the attitude of the cashiers.

    I listen to Loveline Livestream online it still is great relaxer before going to sleep. It tells me I'm relatively normal compared to the rest of these callers.


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