Monday, July 06, 2009


Arts & Entertainment, Channel #46

This is becoming very repetitive.
Once a unique channel with biographies, classical music, and brilliant crime dramas it has now become a dump for cop show reruns and reality shows.

I have not watched anything on this station for a while so I can't judge but Obsessed seems interesting. A reality show about people with fears or obsessions.


  1. Please watch The will love it.

  2. Tried but I have no sympathy for drug users.

  3. You should see if you can find the first episode of the series...start there. Not really a sympathy for drug users thing, but...I don't know, something different.

    The writing is excellent, Bratt's character is very insightful, and the beginning and ending are always poetic bookends for the show to be sandwiched between.

  4. I'll see but I think I stated watching it when it first came out but I got bored or annoyed and changed.


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