Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Full Service Funeral

Big TV event that I couldn't stomach to watch live so I just recorded it from different channels.

1:00pm -2:00pm
ABC coverage Martin 'Two-faced" Bashir and Chalres Gibson spoke over the beginning of Micheal Jackson memorial service. Smokey Robinson read some letters about 30 minutes before the choir started.

After more annoyances from Gibson, Mariah Carey and some guy sang, she use to be such a good singer. The song was not even over and Gibson chimed in with more unnecessary facts.

Queen Latifah spoke and read a Maya Angelou poem.

Lionel Richie was good, sang about Jesus. Berry Gordy spoke...

2:00pm -3:00pm
CBS coverage
and Gordy is still speaking dubbing Jackson the greatest performer who ever lived. The Katie Couric interrupts. Gordy ends his speech and clips are being show of his works.

Stevie Wonder spoke and sang.

Magic Johnson and Kobe "Disgusting no-means-yes" Bryant spoke.
Johnson spoke of bonding over fried chicken, oh boy if I were a conservitaive Republican I'd have a field day with that story.

Jennifer Hudson sang, good voice. She looks pregnant but it could of just been a bad dress.

Rev. Al Sharpton, ha know our NY loud-mouth is yours. I did enjoy his preach.

John Mayer played a guitar.

Brooke Shields reminisced and was on the verge of crumbling.

Jermaine Jackson sang.

Martin & Bernice King preached not as well as the Rev.

Rep. Sheila Jackson, no relation.

Back to ABC I thought I put NBC, whoops.

Let's hope this resolution 600 does not get passed.

Usher sang but was interrupted by a special weather advisory in NYC. He is such a good actor.

Smokey Robinson spoke.
Shaheen Jafargholi sang?
Kenny Ortega choreographer spoke.
Various singer I did not recognize sang with family and friends.
Jermaine, Marlon, and Paris Jackson prompted by Janet spoke.

Gibson is an idiot.

Pastor Lucious Smith said goodbye.

Final notes:
Jerry Lee Lewis still has great music despite actual facts known to the world.

Jackson was never charged with any crime and no evidence have ever surfaced. It would not surprise me if the now adult accuser gives an interview telling the world his father made up the story for $22 million.
Equally if the stories are confirmed it will not surprise.

A ten year old Micheal Jackson did nothing wrong and at what point he may have started doing wrong may never be known so it should all be kept in perspective.

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