Friday, July 03, 2009


American Movie Classics, Channel #43

Yet another commercial free movie channel turned into a normal unremarkable station.

Mad Men and Breaking Bad are the two hottest things on this channel but I have yet to watch either. I keep waiting for a marathon to catch up but with other shows to catch up with it has become more difficult.

Back to regular TV I'm currently watching new episodes of the allegedly canceled Samantha Who? and Better Off Ted. By the way watching the 1935 Perry Mason movie reminded me a lot of Better Off Ted in humor and style. Given this I probably would enjoy Mad Men.


  1. Mad Men is one of my FAVORITE shows! Mind you, I don't gush over many shows, so when I call one a favorite it ranks pretty high with me. Mad Men is a show that you have to watch closely without being interrupted because the storytelling is nuanced rather than overt. I've watched every single episode, yet I still discovered new aspects of the plot when I watched an interview with the creator of the show.

    I agree with you on the decline of AMC. Mad Men is the only show that I watch on that channel. I'm always caught off-guard when they take a commercial break because I remember it being commercial-free. I also miss the true classics that they used to show. Some of the movies they show now are barely 10 years old, and I can't remember the last time they aired a black-and-white film. They've lost what made them special.

  2. Mad Men maybe one of those shows I'll get into after it's canceled.


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