Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mental Problems

The Mentalist: Pilot
So some guy was watching Monk and Psych and decided what if I combine the two shows and pitch to CBS. Well it happened and they made so many inside jokes it was silly.
They subtly mentioned Eureka, Psych, and a few other detective shows.
Law & Order Special Victims UnitImage by MacRonin47 via Flickr
If I have a free hour I may watch it but I hold no hope for it's success.

Law & Order: SVU : Trials

Simply great, the best show this season.

Clay Aiken, duh.

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  1. ABM said the same thing about The Mentalist! The difference is that he really like Monk and Psych so he is glad to have a little more of the same, especially since they are on hiatus.

    Clay Aiken -- double Duh! It is taking all of my self-control to my friend who was a big Claymate once upon a time.


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